Tyson Burnham, Motion Designer
I am a freelance animator and motion designer, with a strong background in illustration and design. What can I create for you? Want to add a bit of animation kick to your social videos? Need some motion design for your next broadcast TV spot? Shoot me an email: tyson@tysonburnham.com for my availability and rates, and we can see if I am the right fit for your project.
Past Work Experience
For each update to the world of Poptropica, I create a new animation highlighting the themes and environments that millions of monthly users get to experience. Early in my role as an illustrator and advertising designer for Poptropica, I had seen the enormous value of using video as an opportunity to help promote awareness of the game and it's new features to our users.

KUTV: Broadcast Designer
Brought visual connection to news stories through the use of on-brand graphics paired with images related to each story. Three nightly news broadcasts depended on timely creation and delivery of all story assets, which I had delivered as part of a team of great designers, producers, and directors.
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