Motion design and animation reel.
Breakdown of my involvement:
:03 Wimpy kid character rigging and animation, book texturing, rigging, and animation (Cinema 4D, Moho, After Effects).

:05 Crossfit UAC logo texturing and animation. Particle animation (Cinema 4D, Xparticles).

:07 Poptropica Willy Wonka ticket animation and particle animation (After Effects, Particular).

:09 Personal project design and animation (Illustrator, After Effects).

:10 Poptropica Willy Wonka chocolate bar animation and design (Illustrator, After Effects).

:12 Poptropica Lunar colony animation (Illustrator, After Effects).

:15 United Sports Center logo animation (After Effects).

:17 Wimpy Kid character rigging and animation (After Effects, DUIK).

:19 Personal project design and animation (Illustrator, After Effects).

:21 Poptropica Zeus character rigging and animation, Lightning (After Effects, DUIK, Adobe Animate).

:21 Poptropica Map rigging and animation (Cinema 4D, After Effects).

:23 Galactic Hot Dogs Books texturing and animation (Cinema 4D, After Effects).

:24 Wimpy Kid books and props animation (Cinema 4D, After Effects).

:26 Personal Project animation, texturing and particles (Cinema 4D, Xparticles).

:27 Poptropica character animation and rigging with 3D environment setup (After Effects, DUIK, Cinema 4D).

:30 Virus Hunter cell illustration and animation and particle effects (Illustrator, After Effects, Particular).

:34 Wimpy Kid announcement motion graphics and particle effects (After Effects, Superluminal Stardust).

:35 Wimpy Kid book spread motion graphics (After Effects).

:37 Poptropica character rigging and 3d scene setup (After Effects, DUIK).

:38 Wimpy Kid character rigging, animation and compositing (Moho, After Effects)

:41 Wimpy Kid character rigging, animation (Moho)

:42 Poptropica dimensional gate particle effects and environment illustration and 3d projection mapping (Illustrator, Cinema 4D, particular).

:44 Wimpy Kid announcement text modeling, texturing and animation (Cinema 4D).

:45 Poptropica character rigging and animation, and 3d scene creation (Cinema 4D, After Effects, Duik).

:48 Wimpy Kid 3d book animation, 2D character rigging, animation, compositing (Cinema 4D, Moho, After Effects).
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